When was the last time you preached the Gospel to yourself?


I know it’s a strange question, but think about it for a minute.  Isn’t it necessary – if not, absolutely essential – to know what exactly it is we’re taking to the Lost?

Andrew Murray is attributed with having said, “The enthusiasm for the kingdom is missing because there is so little enthusiasm for the King.”

If this is true, we are in need of a fresh reminder of what exactly it is that Jesus has done for us, what exactly it is that He has saved us from.

In the Saturday morning, FOCUS breakout session entitled “Engaging Others,” Texas Tech BSM Director, Jeff Kennon, challenged listeners to begin preaching the Gospel to themselves daily.

This came as a breath of fresh air to me, as God has recently been shedding light on my own lack of acceptance of Grace (which is, of course, the core message of the Gospel).  Though I can preach the message of salvation to the Lost with confidence, I have experienced, as of recent, far less certainty that Jesus’ blood is big enough to cover my own iniquities.

Kennon’s challenge hit right at my core (surprisingly, in a session about engaging others).  The Gospel is, in fact, as much for Believers as it is for the Lost.  If we do not daily acknowledge and experience the saving grace of the cross, we undermine our own efforts to engage others with the Truth of Christ.  Worse yet, we cheat ourselves the very experience of salvation, which was intended to save us from, not to burden us with, the grief and frustration of our own humanity.

Are you allowing the Gospel to continue to speak to you personally?

John 10:10 reminds us that Jesus has “come that [we] may have life, and have it to the full.”

Only when we experience this true, abundant life will we come to a full understanding of the Gospel.  And only when we can convey a full understanding of the Gospel will others desire to engage personally with our God.

By Erin Findley

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One Response to “When was the last time you preached the Gospel to yourself?”

  1. TheDeeZone Says:

    Well said.

    Currently, I am studying Romans.

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