First post-Ike sermon from FBC Galveston


The Galveston County Daily News printed an article on the first sermon given at First Baptist Church in Galveston after Hurricane Ike. 60 members of the congregation gathered to worship in Texas City, as Galveston still does not have electricity.

Here’s a link to the story. The author, TJ Aulds, did a wonderful job writing this. It’s full of heart, grit and determination. Here’s an excerpt:

TEXAS CITY — April Blanton was not wearing what one would consider her Sunday best. However, given the circumstances, a T-shirt and shorts were proper attire for a church service.

Blanton was one of 60 members of First Baptist Church in Galveston who worshiped for the first time since Hurricane Ike struck. But the worship services weren’t in the historic church on 23rd Street.

Instead, the evacuatee congregation worshiped in the chapel of Carnes Funeral Home in Texas City.

“This was very important,” Blanton said. “For a while, I didn’t even have my Bible. I needed this. I was depressed, and I needed the Lord right now.”

Blanton and her husband, Lee, rode out the storm on the island. Ike washed away much of what they owned. It did not wash away her faith, however.

After finding her precious Bible, Blanton and her husband ventured off the island for the first time since Ike’s landfall.

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