Something cool happened on the way to the river


This week, the BGCT is kicking of Texas Hope 2010 with a week-long ministry emphasis along the Texas-Mexico border. On the way to El Paso, BGCT Congregational Strategist Robert Cuellar called to see if we could find a bunch of AM/FM radios for people in Presidio, which is being threatened by flooding. The only way the people of Presidio will have any warning of a levee breaking is by hearing it on a radio station out of Mexico. So Robert was hoping the BGCT could provide some radios.

Five of us spent the night running from store to store trying to find radios. Little did we know, the work was as much about the effort as it was about the radios.  We went to so many different stores buying small numbers of pocket radios to make a bigger collection that I lost count of the number.

At each place, the employees of the store asked us why we were looking for radios. And at each place, we shared about the hope of Christ that lives in us. We explained what He has done for us and how that makes us want to do things for other people. We didn’t see any life-changing decisions made, but we trust God will continue working in the lives of the people we shared with.

God is good. And He is working all around us. I look forward to what He does during the rest of this week and through Texas Hope 2010.

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2 Responses to “Something cool happened on the way to the river”

  1. doveflight Says:

    Great effort you all did in getting the radios. Also a great way to witness and share Jesus with others.

  2. rand Says:

    As one of those getting the radios, I’ll add that once the cashiers heard what we were doing, their demeanor changed – not in a confrontational manner, but in a wow, that’s a really nice thing to do manner – it even got one of those slight head tilt motions as the notion of purchasing and then driving over 4 hours to deliver them sank in.

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