Get out of the safe environment…

As several hundred students sleepily walked into the sanctuary at First Baptist Lubbock this morning (I say sleepily because most students were up REALLY late hanging out with friends and building community), Alan Hirsch and Brenda Sanders, director of Go Now Missions, again addressed the topic of following a radical Jesus. But his morning was a little different from last night when Alan cast a new vision of who Jesus really is and how we should be if we are true followers.
This morning was a time to hear from Go Now student missionaries who stepped out during the last year to live in a way that depicted this radical Jesus we were shown last night. Brenda introduced the new mission opportunities for this year and challenged us to take part of sharing Jesus with a lost world. Alan took Brenda’s words a step further and talked about how we are called to be different.
He shared the fact that 80 percent of students who grew up in Christian youth groups will abandon faith once they get to college. Why? Because their youth group became such a safe environment and a Christian culture bubble, that they don’t know how to follow Christ and make a difference when they are outside the Christian bubble.
The main challenge that has appeared throughout the worship services and as all of us attended breakout sessions has been that Christ is not safe at all. He calls us to an adventure – to die to ourselves and let Him take control so that He can impact the world through us. But it is not just the world that will be impacted in the process, we will be changed too. A deep life change that will cause us to walk in the radical steps of Jesus.
By Kaitlin Chapman

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