Cooperation is the key to Baptist relief


When Baptists cooperate, they can accomplish amazing things. In the wake of Hurricane Ike, Texas Baptist Men, BGCT, the North American Mission Board, Baptist Child & Family Services each are doing their part in an enormous relief effort. Here Leo Smith of Texas Baptist Men, Randel Everett of BGCT and Geoff Hammond of NAMB discuss how the three groups are working together to share the hope of Christ.

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One Response to “Cooperation is the key to Baptist relief”

  1. Lew Myer Says:

    Hi, I just saw some Baptist Relief Vol’s going to Arkansas to help with the Ice Storm recovery. I was in Galveston in 1983 when Hurricane Alicia hit the beach and my wife and I lost our home in Bay Harbor. We were left without our beach home, but had our lives. Baptist Relief were already at the scene, before the storm had passed. I am not sure you were not there while the storm was going on, Ha… We had our first meal with you the first morning we were allowed to return. Finding our home destroyed and having your group already serving food and support to all of us will always be one of my fondest memories of Love and Good Ole’ Baptist’s caring for all… I still, after over 20 years have a very special spot in my heart for all of you and what you do. I continue to pray for you and people like you to have continued success with what you all do for others. We were blessed to be in Galveston and have you respond so quickly and continue to do the same year after year. Just a way for me to say Thank You again after all these years. Please keep up the great work. We need to have people like you keeping a positive and helpful image projected to American’s and make us all realize that there really is and are Good and Great expressions of American’s giving from the Heart. You may not be the exact group that was there for us, but hopefully this will reach all of them, if only in my continued prayer’s.
    Thank You very much and very proud to be a good ole’ Southern Baptist.
    Sincerely, Lew Myer Medford, OR

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