BGCT Disaster Response Meeting – General Information


I’ve been able to sit in on the BGCT Disaster Relief meetings held every morning this week. There are some few basic ideas that keep coming up in each of the meeting and I wanted to share them here.

We are calling on our friends:

  • to pray for the people in the affected regions of Texas

You can find maps of affected churches here or at

  • to be informed about Texas Baptist relief, response, and recovery initiatives

BGCT through Texas Baptist Men and other Texas Baptist partners are sharing the hope of Christ already with disaster victims. You can read the stories at or You may find photos are here:

Texas Baptist Men are already serving in areas of need. You may find out more about that at TBM training dates are here:

The BGCT is working with their personnel in affected areas to identify needs of churches. To read about BGCT Disaster Response, go to

  • to give to the DR fund by sending contributions directly to the BGCT home office or by online at the DR web page.

You can help support Texas Baptist Men and BGCT Disaster response efforts by giving at

These are critical and urgent days ahead for so many coastal and east Texas people, and we want to do all we can to help them. 

We’re praying for the Hope of Christ to shine through this natural disaster. We hope you will join us in that prayer.

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