A near record amount of flooding for FBC Galveston


We just stopped by FBC Galveston, where a near record amount of water flooded the facilities. Water rushed throughout the sanctuary and the education building. A sign outside a side entrance notes where the water level rested during several hurricanes. Ike floodwaters rested between the 1900 and 1915 hurricanes.

A company has already pulled all the carpet out of both buildings and started pulling out pews. It hoped to finish pulling out the pews on Wednesday. The church has scheduled an off-island worship service for the weekend. Please be in prayer for FBC and all the churches in Southeast Texas.

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3 Responses to “A near record amount of flooding for FBC Galveston”

  1. AJ Davis Says:


    Just wanted to say that if people wanted to contribute their TIME and HARDWORK and get their hands dirty, they can volunteer to work with recovery assistance teams from HANDS ON DISASTER RESPONSE. (www.hodr.org). We are a nonprofit that provides housing and food for volunteers able to arrive to a worksite and give their hard work and time for the furthering of the recovery efforts of various natural disasters. If you can’t make it down to East Texas to help, there is a volunteer site open til October 25th in Cedar Rapids, IA. Check out the site at http://www.hodr.org.

    Get Your Hands Dirty with Hands On Disaster Response!

    Hope to see you down at our Volunteer Coordination Center. Stay Tuned to hear where and when our operation will be set up.

    -Aaron Davis, Project Assessment Coordinator
    Hands On Disaster Response

  2. Lee Says:

    While this was a Category 2 storm at landfall (one MPH under Cat 3 strength), it was not the wind strength that made this such a devastating storm. This was a huge storm, with a wind field spread out over hundreds of miles, and a very large eye. The storm surge that it pushed up over the coast from Surfside to Cameron, LA was the size and depth of a Cat 4 storm.

    I’ll be praying for FBC Galveston. They have a beautiful, historic facility and I hope their congregation is able to return to their homes, and to their church, as quickly as possible.

    If you hear of displaced Baptists needing a place to gather for worship, let me know. Our congregation would be pleased to host, once the electricity comes back on.

  3. Ferrell Says:

    Regarding HODR above, I’m not familiar with this group and don’t believe it is related to any of our Texas Baptist efforts. It may offer a good service, but I wanted folks to know that, as far as I know, this is not a BGCT/Texas Baptist Men partner. I think it is generally best to work through the BGCT and Texas Baptist Men; on different levels we are highly involved in the relief effort. Again, I’m not trying to disparage HODR, but since this is the BGCT’s official blog, I did not want readers to be confused.

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