Energy to spare and share


Tonight Rex and I are spending the night in Huntsville with two Texas Baptist Men chainsaw teams serving here. One is from FBC San Antonio. The other is from FBC Athens. It’s been amazing to watch them work. Their hearts are unbelievable.

Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve seen. My words aren’t adequate, but I hope they communicate to you. Ashli and Maritza are doing a great job helping me work through my technological shortfalls to share with you some of what we’re seeing. Tonight Ashli posted some of my photos to our Flickr stream on the right.

Rex and I will move south of Houston in the morning and continue trying to post things here. Please continue praying for people affected by Hurricane Ike and those who are trying to provide a bit of help and hope during this difficult time.

HUNTSVILLE – In a city where portions are without electricity, two groups of Texas Baptist volunteers seem to have energy to spare. And share.

For no charge, Texas Baptist Men chainsaw teams from First Baptist Church in San Antonio and First Baptist Church in Athens are cutting up and removing trees that have fallen on people’s homes or are blocking their driveways.

In a city where tall, wide trees are plentiful, they have plenty of work ahead of them. Hurricane Ike hit this city north of Houston hard. Neighborhoods are marred by trees on rooftops, in yards, on fences and across driveways, confining people to their property.

The way these volunteers attack projects, the trees may be cleared quicker than anyone anticipates. In an hour or less, a team has cut up and removed a large tree.

Jimmy Leatherwood of First Baptist Church in Athens said the work is a natural outgrowth of his congregation’s character. It follows the biblical mandate to love people.

“It’s what the Bible tells us to do,” Leatherwood said. “We love to do it. The people need it. There’s a need. It makes us feel good, but we like to help people. That’s part of our church.”

The volunteer teams offer a powerful combination of tangible help and spiritual hope as they move through the area. Juan and Rosa Mejorado, who were physically unable to remove the large tree in their driveway, were driving around their home and around another in order to get off their property. When Texas Baptist Men offered to help, they jumped at the opportunity. After volunteers finished the project, the couple fought back tears of joy.

“God bless you,” Rosa Mejorado said. “God bless you all.””

The teams take time before, during and after a project to become acquainted with the people they’re helping. They finish each project praying with and for the family they assisted. The prayer is a way to further connect their faith with their actions.

“It’s our way of sharing what we’re doing for them, and we’re doing it in God’s name,” Leatherwood said. “One of the families we talked to earlier today didn’t go to church. It’s an opening to share with them. We invited them to come to this church here in Huntsville.”

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