Another opportunity to support the troops


If you remember back a little bit, our chaplaincy department presented an opportunity for Texas Baptists to support the troops by sending cookies through a BGCT chaplain serving in Iraq. And did Texas Baptists ever step up. Literally thousands of cookies were sent to the chaplain. It was amazing. As you responded and shared with you friends, the chaplain began receiving cookies from other places across the nation. She was extremely grateful ,and each bag of cookies made a soldier’s day a little brighter.

Now Reba and Bobby have another opportunity to support the troops through a BGCT chaplain serving in Afghanistan. With this one, even the cooking challenged out there like me can help.

Chaplain Everett Zachary provides his troops some of the small comforts we take for granted. He runs an informal general store where soldiers can get greeting cards for family members, books and movies for free. It provides a way for the soldiers to relax and creates an avenue for the chaplain to build relationships with soldiers. From there, ministry can grow.

The BGCT chaplaincy department is urging Christians to send the chaplain movies for the soldiers. For more information on the chaplain’s ministry and how to send him supplies, click here.  This is an easy way to enable the hope of Christ to be shared with our military neighbors who are serving overseas.

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