$1 million in food distributed in 72 hours


In the wake of Hurricane Dolly, Primera Iglesia Bautista in Santa Maria has stepped up its ministry tremendously. In 72 hours, the church distributed more than $1 million in meals. In reading Pastor Schwarz’s running acount found here, God’s timing and provision can be seen throughout this time.

Please continue praying for the congregation. It is still providing meals for those in need three times a week.

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One Response to “$1 million in food distributed in 72 hours”

  1. Billy Schwarz Says:

    Thank you for your prayers, when Ash Creek Baptist Church came and built the builing for the food pantry never did we even think that it would be needed that same week. God used every resource put at our church, when brother Torres paryed for the 4600.00 dollars for the beans and for enough food to feed those who would be in need after the storm, you could feel the presance of God at that service. The next day God opened the windows of heaven. The rest is history. We give all the glory to God for everything. There was never an offering taken to even try to fund this ministry.

    Thank you for all the prayers
    Billy Schwarz
    pastor Primera Iglesia Bautista de Santa Maria

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