Prayer walking in New England


While Rex has been with the All-State Choir and Band in Germany, Carrie Joynton who is spending part of her summer with the BGCT Communications Team, has been with a group from Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church in Dallas, which has been prayer walking in New England. She reflects on the trip here.

I’ve had the recent privilege of traveling to New England with five wonderful people. These five people made a commitment with their church in Dallas, Shiloh Terrace Baptist Church, to be in partnership with two Baptist associations in New England – the Greater Boston Baptist Association, and the Southeastern New England Baptist Association.

Cecil Deadman led a five-day trip up to the greater Boston area with fellow church members Mac and Peggy Bolton, Jerry Allen, and Danny Francis, as the first event of Shiloh Terrace’s new partnership with churches up north. The partnership agreement was signed on Monday, August 4. My Texas compatriots prayer walked with ministers from three different congregations up here in New England – one in Northborough, two on Cape Cod – as I happily snapped away photo after photo.

It’s a little tricky to photograph a prayerwalk. Pictures of people praying get redundant after awhile, and then there’s the issue of trying to be inconspicuous as the sound of the camera’s shutter seems to get louder and louder with each shot. (Kudos to my team for ignoring the camera!) To see photos from the trip, click here. To see them as a slideshow, click here.

After getting over some initial awkwardness, I began to realize the essence of prayer walking isn’t captured just in pictures of people bowing their heads. As our prayerwalk leader Randy Sprinkle told us Saturday morning, prayer walking is a lifestyle, a way of being.

So really, the image of a prayer walker could take almost any form. We were told to keep our eyes and ears open while we went on prayer walks, because keeping alert would help us to pray for the community in specific ways.

Sure, the members of Shiloh Terrace could – and should – pray from home for their sister churches up in New England. Cecil, Jerry, Danny, Mac and Peggy didn’t have to make a trip in person just to pray. But as Christians, praying on site gave us the opportunity to connect with new people and to refresh our perspectives.

Being in tangible community with the ministers and churches we visited spoke true commitment and love to them, as they often struggle to stay inspired in an area where religious apathy prevails. We can provide that encouragement to our brothers and sisters every day, as we walk and pray with open ears, eyes and hearts.

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