Hello from Berlin

TBAS Choir and Band 2008 in concert at International Baptist Church Berlin, Germany Sunday evening.

TBAS Choir and Band 2008 in concert at International Baptist Church Berlin, Germany Sunday evening.

“We are now in the captial city of Germany. Tonight we sang in the International Baptist Church. It was a much smaller venue than we had sung before but we were still very excited. A neat thing about this concert is that one of our songs was directed by Paul Rogers, Minister of Music of IBC, Berlin and a TBAS alumnus. It was neat to see Baptists from so many places.

Tomorrow we will be taking a short tour of Berlin and singing in St. Nicolaikirche in Potsdam. We are all looking forward to that.

The following day we return home! It has been a wonderful trip but we are all looking forward to seeing our loved ones again but a piece of our hearts will remain in Germany.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us in this venture. It has bee a life-changing experience that we will never forget!”

Bobbi Fleischmann, First Baptist Weslaco

8 Responses to “Hello from Berlin”

  1. Julie Says:

    First of all thank you to everyone who has posted on the blog. It has kept all of us well informed and wishing we could be there with you. I know this will be a lifetime experience that will always be remembered. My main reason for posting tonight is because hopefully someone (Rex) will read this and let Bryan Valentine know that his family wished him a HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY (Aug. 4th) along with all his friends in Austin and at FBC!! I cannot think of a more amazing place than Berlin, Germany to celebrate your birth. I’m counting the hours until I see you!

    Love you bunches…Mom

  2. Florrie Says:

    We have really enjoyed checking the blog and seeing and hearing some of the performances. We’re so thankful for technology that allows us to feel a little closer to our loved ones as they are across the globe.

    Another birthday tomorrow: Kinsey Wallace is turning 16 on Aug. 4. Please wish her a great day and tell her that her family really loves her and misses her.

    Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this trip happen. I know the Lord has worked through and in each person with this amazing group. Have fun touring Berlin, and may the Lord grant you safe travels.

  3. Dan and Tracy Fleischmann Says:

    Imagine our surprise and pleasure to read the byline of today’s blog entry
    only to discover that our darling daughter was the author (YOU GO, GIRL)
    Bobbi, if you read this comment tonight, please wish Bryan and Kinsey
    FELIZ CUMPLEANOS from all of us here at New Hope Ranch. We thank
    God for Debbie Smith, Dr. Tim, Rex Campbell, and all the adult sponsors
    who helped make TBAS 2008 such a tremendous experience for our
    daughter and her new friends (both in the choir/band and those Baptist
    young people you have met from Germany and the other 89 nations
    around the world.

    Have fun in Berlin and Pottsdam, take LOTS of photos!! All your family
    at FBC Weslaco are praying for your safe return.

    See you Tuesday night,

    Love, Dad and Mom

  4. Tracy Sellars Says:

    Thanks for posting–your substitute mom (me) is proud of you and of all the TBAS participants–youth and adults alike. I know you and all the other folks have had an amazng experience–when I looked at the photos from the conference I was in awe of what God can do when He brings His people together. I am praying for all of you as you come back to the US. I hope you and Katie will stay in touch. Hi, Fleischmann Family.

  5. Alyssa Says:


    Happy Birthday! And these sentiments come from both me AND Melissa (and my sister a little bit, though she claims she doesn’t know why we care about telling you to have a happy birthday). It’s back to the whole 2 for 1 deal. Your mom did actually tell us that someone reads these things to y’all over there so maybe, if we’re just that lucky, you’ll be able to hear this on your birthday and not, well, After your birthday…

    YOU ARE SO OLD. That is all.

  6. Karen & Michael Says:

    We pray that you will have many travel mercies. All of you have done a wonderful job. Many others have seen the e-mails and have followed you on your travels and we are praying that you have a good day and a good flight home. All the families have missed every one of you. You make God’s world a better place. Thank you for all the time and talent you have given to this trip. Looking forward to seeing all of you come home.
    Love to all of you.
    Karen, Michael & Nathaniel Adams

  7. Tracy Sellars Says:

    Imagine my suprise to see that you Bobbi had posted this as you are my daughter Katie Sellars roomate.I know that you have had a wonderful time and many experiances that will last a life time. We have enjoyed seeing the pictures and listining to the vidios.Katie if you read this we love you and are praying for a good concert tonight and fro your safe return.
    We give thans to Dr. Tim, Debbie ,and all others who have made this experiance of a lifetime posible our special thanks and we will always be endebted to you.
    In the name of the on who came and walked amomng us Jesus the Christ,
    Joe Sellars

  8. Frances Thompson Says:

    This has been a fun way to keep track of the group! Thanks so much. If you read this before you guys get back to Dallas, please tell Chris Thompson that due to a Tropical Storm (Eduardo) I may not be able to fly to Dallas tomorrow to meet him. I’ll be able to let him know for sure after you guys arrive in Dallas.

    Frances Thompson

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