New video


Here is another video from Leipzig. Click here or on the video to play.

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4 Responses to “New video”

  1. Karen & Michael Says:

    God is wonderful. The pictures of the churchs and all of the youth have made us wish we were there too. I know your voices may be tired but they sound beautiful on the videos we have seen. I know the seeds of God’s words you have left behind will grow. We are praying for you daily and pray you that have travel mercies today. I know all of your families will be looking forward to seeing you when you get home. Have fun and be strong. We miss you Becca Aragon, Phillip Hill and Jonathan Adams and you will be missed in Sunday School this morning.
    Love to you all and the whole choir.
    Karen, Michael and Nathaniel Adams

  2. Karen & Michael Says:

    When I finished the previous message I realized I had not mentioned the band. All of you sound wonderful. The choir would not sound so good without you. Thank you for the time you have spent working on your pieces of music. The music has been great. Everyday you have been in Germany I have shared your music with my friends and our family.
    Love to you all and your sponsors.
    Karen, Michael and Nathaniel Adams

  3. Amy Says:

    It was wonderful to see you on the video this morning! We are so proud of you and are so anxious to have you home again. The choir and band have sounded great. I know your churches are all missing all of you this morning – it will be great to have you back.
    Have fun! We’re praying for you!
    Mom and Dad

  4. Bobbi Fleischmann Says:

    Great video,Rex! Can’t imagine where you found that great song,lol.

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