Guten tag!


“This has been a very good trip, though I’m tired from running around everywhere. We have seen many different churches, and will see a few more. The art and architecture is beautiful. I wish our country had as much history.

Everyones’ voices are tired, but some are worse than others. We are not practicing everyday though so our voices have some time to rest. Our concerts have been amazing. God has show up every time. It doesn’t matter that some of the people cannot understand the words. They can read the meaning in our faces. And it doesn’t matter people are not being saved left and right. We are just planting the seed. If you can’t tell, I’ve felt God at work during the concerts.

The conference has been very exciting. We have been split up into family groups with people from different countries. We talk to kids our age from all over the world about the problems we’re having and the differences between our cultures. It has been very eye opening.

There are different opportunities to talk to even more people. You can play games, make things, or just sit and talk. There is even a place to send postcards, you write your name on a postcard and hang it on the wall then choose someone else’s and write to them. This gives you a pen pal across the world. I almost wish we could stay at the conference instead of leaving to sing, but people that need to hear about God will not if we don’t sing.

We have about four days left. In this time we will go to Berlin and see the wall and sing concerts in churches there. It will be very exciting. I do want to go home and see my family and friends, but I have learned so much here that I just want to keep learning.

Well, I have nothing more to say except keep praying for us because we are being blessed and thank you so much for helping us come here. (I love you Mom and Dad! Thank you!) Thank you again.”

Abigail Furlow, First Baptist Port Lavaca

One Response to “Guten tag!”

  1. David Furlow Says:

    How thrilling it has been to see pictures, to hear sounds, and to get a sense of what God is doing in the lives of these students and our daughter. Our prayers continue to be with you for safe travel and strength in voices as you sing for Him! P.S. -We are so proud of you Abigail and love you.

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