Urgent need for disaster relief volunteers


Hopefully this is the only time we need to pull this space away from the Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band during the Germany trip, but Texas Baptist Men needs volunteers to man disaster relief teams immediately.

TBM is putting together chainsaw, box and clean-out teams now that will minister in the Rio Grande Valley following Hurricane Dolly and needs people to serve.

For more information, contact Cookie Slate at 214-828-5359.

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3 Responses to “Urgent need for disaster relief volunteers”

  1. Greg Dawsey Says:

    I hold a current CDL and am avail if you need me, I drive trucks or operated backhoes, graders or most equipt.

    817-491-2225- fax

  2. Jayson A Stringfellow Says:

    Florida Resident willing to help. What is needed and who do I contact?

  3. ashli Says:

    Jayson, Thanks for replying. You may contact the number above in the post, TBM at (214) 381-2800 or rae.jones@bgct.org.

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