From the cradle of the reformation


“I was very tired when we got to Leipzig, but after I saw the beauty of St. Nicholaikirche and realized I was walking where Bach had walked, all the tiredness melted away.

Yesterday we had our first concert in Wittenberg. Singing in the very church where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses was an incredible experience! I dreamed of this since the moment I found out about the trip. I can’t believe we saw Luther’s grave and actually walked the streets of the crade of the reformation.

Yesterday night we attended the opening of the BWA Youth Conference. It was amazing to be worshiping with Baptists from around the world. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!”

Bobbi Fleischmann, First Baptist Weslaco

One Response to “From the cradle of the reformation”

  1. Tracy Sellars Says:


    Thank you for commenting–I am sure you voice the feelings of many of your friends. I am so proud of all of you–and especially glad that you, Bobbi, are Katie Sellars’ roommate. We are praying for you at home and our church, Agape Baptist in Fort Worth, is praying for the group. We know that all of you will come back changed by what you have experienced in the Lord. May God’s presence be evident in your lives.

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