1 person a day makes a big difference


A while back I shared that I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Humphries in East Texas. I’d heard the names Jim and Mary Humphries before, but this was the first time I met them. It was a great blessing.

Jim mentioned that he tries to share his faith with one person each day. He admits sometimes he doesn’t get that chance. The opportunity just doesn’t present itself. But other days, he ends up sharing his faith with three or four people.

As we talked, I figured out that he’s been trying to do this for about four years. If he averaged sharing his faith with a person a day, that’s 1,460 people. Some of the people he’s shared with have come to faith. Others haven’t. But Jim feels he’s being obedient to God’s work in his life. The small commitment of sharing his faith once a day has had a great impact for God’s kingdom. May we all be passionate about sharing our faith.

All that being said, meet Jim Humphries:

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