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Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band 2008 opens Thursday worship

July 31, 2008

I wish you could have been here to see the BGCT Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band open the program Thursday evening in Leipzig at the 15th Baptist Youth World Conference. More photos may be seen here.

Urgent need for disaster relief volunteers

July 31, 2008

Hopefully this is the only time we need to pull this space away from the Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band during the Germany trip, but Texas Baptist Men needs volunteers to man disaster relief teams immediately.

TBM is putting together chainsaw, box and clean-out teams now that will minister in the Rio Grande Valley following Hurricane Dolly and needs people to serve.

For more information, contact Cookie Slate at 214-828-5359.

TBAS live stream from BWA Youth Conference

July 31, 2008

The 2008 BGCT Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band will perform around 7:00 P.M. Leipzig time (12:00 P.M. CDT) at the BWA Youth Conference. If it works, watch the live stream here.

Dear Mom and Dad, friends and family

July 31, 2008

“I wish you all could have been at the church yesterday to hear your students sing and play. It was a wonderful concert in a beautiful setting, but more than that, it was truly a worship experience. We saw Germans who do not normally clap in church stand up, clap and stomp their feet in demand for an encore. They were touched by the music and we were overwhelmed with the positive reception.

We are looking forward to our performance tonight at the BWA Youth Conference. The road has not been without rough patches, but the students have remained flexible and have shown patience, compassion, and positive attitudes. You can be proud of the way they are representing their families, their churches, their state, and their country.”

Staci Dillahunty; sponsor, Calvary Baptist, Dumas

God is good

July 31, 2008

“Amazing, unbelievable, awesome! These are just some of the words I have heard from our students since arriving in Germany. Our staff has been making preparation for this mission for almost two years now. As I look at the students as they walk into some of the historic churches, see different styles of architecture, experience unfamiliar food, and meet people from all over the world it is sometimes hard for me to contain my emotions. We have a great group of students representing Texas Baptists!

Thank you for praying for us as we continue to travel and minister.

Thank you to all who have helped the students participate in Mission Germany. The financial investment, prayer support, and encouragement means so very much.

God is Good!”

Tim Studstill; Director, Music and Worship Team, Baptist General Convention of Texas

From the cradle of the reformation

July 31, 2008

“I was very tired when we got to Leipzig, but after I saw the beauty of St. Nicholaikirche and realized I was walking where Bach had walked, all the tiredness melted away.

Yesterday we had our first concert in Wittenberg. Singing in the very church where Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses was an incredible experience! I dreamed of this since the moment I found out about the trip. I can’t believe we saw Luther’s grave and actually walked the streets of the crade of the reformation.

Yesterday night we attended the opening of the BWA Youth Conference. It was amazing to be worshiping with Baptists from around the world. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!”

Bobbi Fleischmann, First Baptist Weslaco

Diving deeper

July 30, 2008
Ana Villareal from Dallas worhships with other young people in Leipzig, Germany

Ana Villareal from Dallas worhships with other young people in Leipzig, Germany

The theme for the 15th Baptist Youth World Conference in Leipzig, Germany is Dive Deeper. Over 6,000 Baptist Christian young people from all over the world have gathered to explore the depths together; deeper into faith and community and worshiped together Wednesday evening during the opening session.

The day began with a short drive from Leipzig to Wittenberg where the BGCT Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band presented a morning concert in Schlosskirche (Castle Church), the church made famous when Martin Luther posted some thoughts on the door in 1517. The singing of A Mighty Fortress Is Our God by the choir was especially moving as they were standing a few feet from where he is buried.

A few photos may be found here and we hope to have some new video tomorrow.  We are attending the Youth Conference all day Thursday and the TBAS Choir and Band performs at the conference in the evening. Thanks for your prayers.

Texas Baptist All-State Choir and Band arrives in Leipzig, Germany

July 29, 2008

The sea of green t-shirts  and luggage arrived safely at our hotel in Leipzig after nearly twenty four hours of travel from Dallas. Everyone is tired and should sleep well for a busy day Wednesday with a concert in Wittenberg then the opening celebration of the Baptist World Alliance Youth Conference. Please pray for the students, Dr. Steve Holcomb, Choral Director; Corey Ash, Band Director and the rest of the staff and sponsors.

Why the BGCT is relevant

July 28, 2008

For several years now, the term “relevant” has been the buzz word in Christian circles. Churches are trying to be relevant. Christians are trying to make the gospel relevant. People are wondering if denominational bodies are relevant.

Truth is, I can’t find anyone with a good definition of the word. So I made one up. Being relevant means meeting people at their place of need, no matter what form that need may take.

And by that definition, I believe the Baptist General Convention of Texas is relevant. We as Texas Baptists are relevant to the world around us. Take last week, for example.

Since Dolly struck the state, four members of the Texas Baptist family that are supported in part by the BGCT Cooperative Program — Texas Baptist Men, Buckner, Baptist Child & Family Services and the BGCT executive board staff — have been working long hours to assess needs in the region and meet them.

Each group has taken on part of the disaster relief effort. Together, Texas Baptists are making living conditions in the Rio Grande Valley better.

Texas Baptists are helping flood victims in colonias. They are feeding people who have been forced from their homes. They are providing medical care for those who cannot attain it otherwise. They are supporting church architecture specialists to follow up with congregations that have damaged facilities.

Ask a person who was affected by Hurricane Dolly and is receiving a bottle of water or a warm meal this week if Texas Baptists are relevant. Ask people who have little hope, if a kind word in a quiet moment was relevant to them.

I’m not completely naive. Not every person who receives Texas Baptist help will know about the Baptist General Convention of Texas or what it supports. But they will remember the volunteer that offered a bit of hope in a trying time, offered a bit of tangible help when there wasn’t any around.

They’ll remember the person who met them at their point of need. It may even change their lives.

Worship through devastation

July 28, 2008

First Baptist Church in Raymondville is one of the churches that was hit hard by Hurricane Dolly. To see photos of how the hurricane affected the church, visit

Kathy shares some stories and photos of what’s going on. Please pray for this church as well as every affected by the hurricane.