Final YEC photos posted


I ran into some technical — A.K.A. operator — issues while uploading the last of the Youth Evangelism Conference photos so I just got them up tonight. Check them out by clicking here.

Outstanding work by Ferrell, Kaitlin, LeeAnn and Rachel.

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2 Responses to “Final YEC photos posted”

  1. Tim Dahl Says:

    I just wanted to say, “Thanks!”

    You guys are great. For a convention that isn’t known for it’s tech-savvy, you guys are making the difference. I appreciate what you are doing, and I see it as an honest attempt to reach out to Gen-Xers and Millennials.


    Tim Dahl

  2. David Says:

    My family attended the YEC on Saturday, to participate in iWitness Ministries’ commissioning service that morning (older daughter to Tokyo with iWitness Ministries’ team of 180+ teens and adults July 21-31; my first YEC since youth ministry days in the early ’80’s!).

    The experience was as good as the photos indicate: church buses from the four corners of the state were parked everywhere in the Special Events Center parking lot; the venue is in great shape and seemed to work very well (but the colesium’s air conditioning worked too well!–it was COLD in that room!!–we thawed-out considerably, though, after about 45 seconds back into the North Texas summer sunshine!); the event staffers were terrific, and the facility staffers were helpful and large in number; the teens seated around us were tuned-in; on Saturday, much of the focus was on prayer and worship; the preaching was right-on and decisions were made publicly; great leadership seemed very evident that day!

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