The harvest continues


The harvest continues as college students serve through Go Now Missions:

A Special Impact team from the Texas A&M BSM traveled to England and shared: “We had the opportunity to talk about our life in America and our faith in Christ in Religious Education classes in a local secondary school.  At the end of the week, our team invited several students from the school to a youth event at the church.  Two girls that came were very curious about Christianity and came that night because they wanted the opportunity to ask someone how they too could become Christians. Though no one in their families believes in Christ, they had met other Christians in the past and knew that they wanted to believe. Before the end of the night, both girls made the decision to become followers of Jesus!”

SAsiaManStephen (UTA), South Asia: “One of the new friends I have made here has helped us find contacts in other villages and many are his friends and relatives.  He literally introduced us to almost everyone in the village!  And yesterday, he accepted Christ right in front of me!  He is going to tell his family tomorrow, and he will meet the pastor of a house church too!  God is so awesome.”

Matt (UTA), East Asia: “I met another friend and got to share the Gospel with him. Then I showed him the bridge illustration and it answered many of his questions about God and having a relationship with Jesus.  God  moved in him and lead him to make the decision to believe!  He went from saying that he did not have time for it to saying that he is going to make time for it each day!  Then, another day, I met  another student on campus. He made the decision to accept Christ last year.  He was writing his testimony in his language.  We did the bridge illustration to help him understand what he was writing Then, not even a minute passed after I completed the bridge illustration for him when one of his friends came by and sat down. Then he did the bridge illustration all from memory in his language for his friend and his friend thought about deciding to believe!

Bethany (TTU), Japan: “While prayer-walking we cried out to the Lord to show himself to us, to give us energy, & to use us in the life of the next person we went up to. Almost immediately we met an girl who spoke English.  We ended up sharing our testimonies with her and just told her about Jesus.  A few days later we met her again.  She had been thinking about our earlier conversation and wanted to know how to become a Christian. So we went through the plan of Salvation and she said “I want this”. So right there in the dessert shop she prayed to become a Christian in Japanese and her friend translated. It was beautiful.”

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