Encourage Christians in Myanmar


This seems like a great opportunity to encourage believers on the other side of the planet. From the Go Now Missions e-newsletter:

Yesterday we received an invitation to be part of the body of Christ to encourage the national believers in Myanmar. The IMB received the message below from one of the personnel in Myanmar. He is going to be collecting messages that can be forwarded to Myanmar. Let’s join in the chorus of believers that allows our brothers and sisters in Christ know they are not alone. We will collect messages from Texas and I will forward them on to Mike.

Send messages to: GoNowMissions@bgct.org

Send messages by Monday, June 16.

As you share scripture and write a message of encouragement, take time to pray for the people of this country.

Brenda Sanders
Student Missions Consultant, BGCT

Subject: Invitation to help

Hi, I am inviting you to write an encouraging message to your national brothers and sisters over here and I will compile the messages and send them on to them.

The situation:
There are believers here who have been working tirelessly since the storm to help the suffering. They are exhausted and sometimes feel very alone because of the “road blocks” placed upon their situation. They feel helpless because of the enormity of the situation. Many of them must go through flooded places, not only flooded with water but dead bodies which are still there, to reach the survivors. The people who were in refugee camps have mostly been taken back to their homelands with no roofs, no livelihood, and no promise for help.

The brothers and sisters you will write to are the ones who are going out, feeding, doctoring, saving, loving, transporting these victims. They are completely exhausted and have no encouraging words left. They know they are not alone, but they feel alone. Just to tell them that they have brothers and sisters all over the world who are praying for them was encouraging, but I thought to actually hear from you would be exponentially more encouraging.

You can include a scripture. Please, pray about this. They come back in to the city one time a week, confer with each other, replenish supplies, have meetings and update each other on the situaton. As they come back in I would like to line their meeting room walls with real words of encouragement that come from real people who are praying for them. Include your first name and a generic description of where you live (i.e., John in Denver, Colorado).

Count it All JOY!
The Go-team


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