Hope springs forth in Tyler


As Texas Baptists hear about Texas Hope 2010, an effort to give every person in the state the opportunity to respond to the gospel by Easter 2010, they seem to become excited. In the gatherings of ministers that I’ve been in with Randel, people’s ears seem to perk up when he shares the vision for Texas Hope 2010. People become excited about the initiative. It’s really something special.

Last Wednesday in Tyler that excitement spilled over into something tangible.

In the process of sharing some ideas of how people can get involved, Randel talked about a Texas Baptist Men community water purification system. When Randel finished his speech, Jim Humphries — who I’ll share more about in a later post — stood and said that the group he works with has been looking for a challenge and Texas Hope 2010 is just that challenge. Right there, he pledged his group will buy one of the community water purification units.


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