E-mail from beyond the rapture


LeeAnn, one of ABP’s interns that are officing here for the summer, found this yesterday. A new web site, youvebeenleftbehind.com, allows Christians to e-mail their friends after the rapture.

For $40 a year, people can use the e-mail function as well as store personal documents online that will be sent to non-raptured people.

From the Christian Post:

YouveBeenLeftBehind.com lets subscribers send an e-mail message to up to 62 people exactly six days after they’ve disappeared from the face of the Earth, Wired Magazine’s Threat Level reports.

The website, run by Mark Heard along with four other Christians, dispatches the e-mails when at least three staff members fail to log in for six consecutive days. Its main purpose is to give Christians one final shot at evangelism.

“You’ve Been Left Behind gives you one last opportunity to reach your lost family and friends for Christ,” states the website.

Unbelievable. Just when I thought I’d seen it all.

What do you think?


2 Responses to “E-mail from beyond the rapture”

  1. wackypreacher Says:

    Can you say, “Show me the money!”. What an absolute crock! And to think there are Christians stupid enough to do this. Is it any wonder people think Christians are off the charts.

  2. Simon Jones Says:

    I’m yet to be entirely convinced the site is for real. It was registered using an anonymous proxy registrar, there are no contact details on the site apart from a gmail account, the telephone number given in press releases by Mark Heard, the apparent creator of the site, is a cell phone, and the payment service is paypal.

    There is absolutely no reason to trust the site. Yes it could just be a simpleton Christian whack-job who thinks he is doing God’s great work, but if so then I think he might be as mislead as the poor souls who strap explosives to themselves and blow themselves up. It would seem far more logical that the site is a scam targeting the very whack-jobs that ‘Mark’ is pretending to be.

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