The harvest is plentiful


Student missionaries serving through the BGCT’s Go Now Missions only recently hit the field, but God already is using them in wonderful ways. Here are a couple early reports:

Alan, Grand Canyon

“We’ve been working at the store here and building relationships with both the foreign and local employees. We have made great progress with the Thai employees. Today I invited some of the them over for lunch and while playing Xbox, of all things, I was able to share Christ with Fai, a fellow employee. She prayed and received Christ. We are all very excited about this and are eager to work with the Ukrainians who have just moved in.”

Matt, East Asia

“As I was checking my email, I was approached by a guy who asked if he could sit with me and my other team members. We will call him William. Yesterday, William called me and I had him over to my dorm and he taught me some language. Then over dinner last night, we talked about the Father and William made the decision to believe and follow the Father! He found it to be very good and was very happy that he was given a gift of the Word in his language and is going to share it with his friends! He was so happy to know that He can talk to the Father anytime and ask Him for help and trust in Him! It was perfect because it was nothing that any human being like me or anyone else could have done. There was a language barrier, yet the Father worked it out for William and I to understand each other! The Father had that obstacle there so that His glory could be revealed! By myself, it would have not been possible, but it was all by His power! Praise Him!”


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