Will you let us pray along with you?


A couple weeks ago, we streamed live updates from TBM in Bangkok. They enabled people across Texas to know what was going on in the wake of the cyclone there.

We’d like to help churches do something similar. If you’d be interested in doing something like this and you’re taking a mission trip in the near future, drop me an e-mail at John.Hall@bgct.org. You’ll need to have four things for this to work:

  1. Some sort of video camera that connects to a computer — webcam, camcorder, etc.
  2. A high speed internet connection in the location you’d like to broadcast from.
  3. A computer to broadcast from.
  4. A willingness to put up with me.

If you’d you’re part of a BGCT church and want to do this, drop me a line. I want to help you out. We’ll feature you on the BGCT stream page, enabling the people in your church and people around the world to know how you are sharing the hope Christ each day on your mission trip. We can all pray specifically for your team each day as we watch you share how God is working.

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