What are you doing about it?


We were throwing around some of the top news stories in Texas this year and how Texas Baptists are impacting their world through these stories. One topic that kept coming up was the rising gas prices. Is your church (or a church that you know of) involved in helping out families or those heavily impacted by rising gas prices? Let us know!

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3 Responses to “What are you doing about it?”

  1. David Says:

    A recent more in-house effort, as a result of gasoline sold at almost $4 per gallon and Christian folks possibly panicking, was the question frequently asked, “Is there an economy anywhere in this world in which 90% or less of an income will cover 100% or more of expenses?”–and then the answer, “Yes–and your family doesn’t have to move to another country to experience it!” God has set His economy down in the middle of the world’s economy/ies, and those believers and congregations who faithfully follow God’s commands about biblical stewardship should find themselves OK though others around them struggle (cf. the Book of Exodus and its description of Israel while living in Goshen, in Egypt)–which will serve as a bright light in a dark place, and be attractive.

  2. John Says:

    Tomi Grover in our missions department shared with me that some churches offer gas vouchers for folks. She actually said more and more people are stopping by churches and looking for help with gas.

    Does that resonate with anyone?

  3. Camey Says:

    Yes. Our church gives out gas cards to those in need of assistance as available. As one of the individuals who sometimes has the privilege of meeting them as they come in our front doors – it stirs my heart every single time. I pray it does theirs as well.

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