Sharing the hope


Jon Randles sent me this story yesterday. He used it in his evangelism e-newsletter (Shameless plug: sign up for BGCT e-newsletters by clicking here). I thought I’d share it here. It’s another example of a church that’s reaching out to its community, sharing the hope of Christ.

The arrival of Dr. Randel Everett as the new Executive-Director of the BGCT has already stirred a new wind of focus on the things that ultimately matter in the cause of Christ; that is, evangelism, discipleship, and missions. 


His first priority as ED has been to challenge our churches to a goal of sharing Christ in a meaningful way with every lost person in Texas by Easter 2010.  This undertaking will include a variety of methods both old and new and the involvement of all of us! We do church in Texas in many different styles and may disagree on some things, but if we cannot agree on the centrality of sharing the Gospel, then our future is dark indeed.


One way to get the message to those who need to hear is through Scripture distribution. Here is how Pastor Gary Riley is doing scripture distribution at Jean Baptist Church. Jean is a small community located a few miles from Graham, Texas in Young County.


My name is Gary Riley and I am the pastor of Jean Baptist Church in Jean Texas. I wanted to let you know what we have been doing. God laid it on my heart that we needed to reach out to the towns in our area. We did our first outreach in Olney on Saturday March 29.


What we did was give out free hot dogs and free Bibles. We also had live music. On that day we gave out about 60 Bibles.  We did another outreach in Newcastle, and we were able to give out another 60 Bibles.


We are currently praying about where we are to go next.  Our primary goal is to get the Word of God into the hands of lost people and if the opportunity arises we share the plan of salvation. I am hoping that what we are doing will inspire other churches to do more outside of their churches.


God Bless You.

Gary Riley


Bible distribution is still an effective way to share the gospel and open doors for meaningful communication. Obviously, there are places where it will be more effective than in others. In a state as eclectic and diverse as Texas, one size does not fit all and work everywhere. Let’s not dismiss proven ways of sharing the gospel where those methods remain effective! Let’s develop new methods that will enable us to boldly present the gospel to everyone in Texas by Easter 2010.


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One Response to “Sharing the hope”

  1. wackypreacher Says:

    John, Keep writing about such things as this. It is good to hear from churches that are doing some great things for our Lord. I can’t thank you enough for the work you do on this website. It has allowed us all to be informed on all that is BGCT.
    Hope 2010 is stoking the fires of evangelism in many churches across Texas. God could be using this to unify around evangelism. It is part and parcel to who we are as Texas Baptist.

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