Live broadcast of executive board meeting, installation


Several of you have asked us to look into ways we can let people see how the BGCT Executive Board functions. Initially, we essentially did a blog play-by-play, and some of you expressed gratitude for that. But frankly, doing everything else we need to do during the board meeting as well as blogging like that was extremely difficult.

So we’ve got something we hope will help you better. Today starting at noon, we will broadcast the installation of recently-elected BGCT Executive Director Randel Everett. Tuesday, we will broadcast the meeting of the full BGCT Executive Board starting at 8 a.m.

We hope this helps provide insight into how the BGCT Executive Board functions. All broadcasts can be viewed by clicking here at the appropriate time.

As always when we attempt things like this, I encourage you to encourage others to check out the streaming video. We enjoy providing opportunities like this, but we want to do what you find helpful so that we’re making the best use of our time. One of the indicators of whether or not you find this helpful will be the number of people who tune in.

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6 Responses to “Live broadcast of executive board meeting, installation”

  1. John Says:

    For those of you who tuned into the installation ceremony, thank you. I hope you enjoyed. And I hope you’ll tune in for the Executive Board meeting on Tuesday.

  2. Terry Says:

    It is monday afternoon and I just saw the blog. I will definately be tuning in tomorrow morning. Thank you for doing this!

  3. Tim Dahl Says:

    Was the installation ceremony saved so that we can view it if we missed the live feed? I just noticed this, and I appreciate what you’re doing. I’ll definitely try to see what is going on tomorrow! Also, is the TBM going to have any more reports?


  4. John Says:

    We’re hoping you’ll read this blog more often. 🙂

    I understand we did record the installation ceremony, so I’ll check with Rex and see what we can do with that recording. It may take us a little while to get it posted somewhere.

    As for TBM, I think this morning will be the last update for a little bit. Part of the team is coming back home. The other part continues making contacts in Thailand through which TBM will work through. As we get significant updates, I’ll try to put something on the blog.

  5. Tim Dahl Says:

    Thanks for working on this John. This is good stuff…

    Now, what about webcasting the BGCT gathering this coming fall?


    I know, it would cost a lot of $$$. 😉


  6. John Says:

    I’m a bit player in all this. It has taken several people. In fact, the streaming of the installation and the board meeting is largely due to the efforts of Rex Campbell, Dennis Parrish, Joshua Minatrea and Ashli Young. They deserve all the credit.

    I asked Rex about the annual meeting. He told me they are working hard to make the webcast happen. He went as far as to say there is “an excellent chance it will happen.” As soon as we have confirmation, we’ll make sure to let everyone know.

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