Episcopalian in praise of TBM


David Fortenbury, of our BGCT staff, took a call this morning from a woman who identified herself as an Episcopalian. She wanted to give to Texas Baptist Men and its disaster relief. “I love the Texas Baptist Men and the Red Cross,” and then she said, “Why doesn’t the TBM ask us to give to them? We need to know what they need?”

It’s a reminder of three things.

First, others notice when you go about doing good in the name of Christ; and that’s a very good thing because some non-believers are watching in addition to the Episcopalians. Reminds me of the early church, which drew people to Christ because people could see the love they had for others.

Second, tell your non-Baptist friends they can support relief in the aftermath of disasters by giving to TBM’s disaster relief and the BGCT’s longer-term disaster response. The Texas Baptist Missions Foundation is a good way to make those gifts. The Episcopalian woman reminds us that not all believers have a ready-made way of meeting needs in the wake of disasters.

Third, TBM can respond well to disasters because the BGCT Cooperative Program budget provides much of the administrative budget for TBM.

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