‘Hope’ shirts


Shirts with the “Texas Hope 2010” logo will be available online in the next week or so for anyone to order. What I love about this logo on a shirt is that it not only highlights the vision we are pursuing, it can serve as a great conversation starter for sharing our faith in Christ. We will put up a post when the site is available.

We also will make the logo itself available so people can create their own shirts or use it in other ways. The shirt logo is actually a little different from the standard logo because of the requirements for stitching, but either will get the message across.

Of course, this effort is about much more than a logo. Prayer is a key component, and so I hope we all will begin to pray the vision — that, by Resurrection Sunday 2010, every person who lives in Texas will have the opportunity to respond to the hope of Christ in his or her own language and context.

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