‘Hope’ gets attention


This week we unveiled the logo for Texas Hope 2010, and as part of that introduction we gave shirts with the logo to the BGCT staff to wear as they are out and about in the state.

Dee Boyd, general ledger manager in our Finance and Accounting Office, shared the following today after wearing her blue Texas Hope 2010 shirt:

“I have been taking a class at a community college on Thursday nights and have made some friends with my much younger classmates. One of those friends is Derick, a 24-year-old Catholic banker.

“Last night I went to class to take my final with my blue shirt on. Derick noticed the shirt and asked, ‘What is the logo?’

“‘Texas Hope 2010, our new emphasis,’ I said.

“His response, ‘Is that a breast cancer thing?’

“What a great opportunity presented itself that, after I finished laughing, I could share with Derick about the hope we have in Christ.”

6 Responses to “‘Hope’ gets attention”

  1. Ferrell Says:

    After I made this post, I heard from another employee, Lucy Solberg. Here’s her story:

    “On my way home I stopped at my neighborhood pharmacy. The cashier asked what the meaning of the logo was and I told her. That opened the door for me to share the plan of salvation with her. As I was finishing talking with her the pharmacist came from behind the counter and asked what we were talking about and I was able to share the plan of salvation again with him. What a powerful tool we have in those shirts and the opportunities we will have because of them.”

    We are all, in effect, walking billboards. Our faces, our words and even the clothes we wear say something about us. I love these stories because they illustrate this, and they also show the kind of people who work for Texas Baptists on the BGCT staff.

    Let me know if you would be interested in ordering some of these polo shirts for $15 each. If we have good interest, we will look into making these available to anyone, probably on an order basis.

  2. Tim Dahl Says:

    Having read the previous post and this one, I can only say that this is very good.

    How can I order a shirt?


  3. Big Daddy Weave Says:


    Texas Hope 2010 appears to be an exciting new and worthwhile initiative of the BGCT. Does this new initiative count practicing Catholics among the 11 million unchurched in the state of Texas?

  4. John Says:

    Hey Aaron, the 11 million figure is simply the best number we could find to represent how many lost people there are in Texas. 11 million Texans claim no church connection whatsoever.

    Obviously, the number of non-Christians in the state is higher than 11 million people. There are non-Christians in churches around the globe, but determining how many non-Christians there already are in churches is extremely difficult.

    I hope that helps. If you’d like a bunch of statistical information about this, let me know. I’ll e-mail it to you.

  5. Tim Dahl Says:

    Hey guys,

    It has been a while since I looked at the census data; but my understanding was that 1/2 of Texas states no religious affiliation. Not that 1/2 of Texas doesn’t have a church home, per se; but that they don’t claim any one religion. So, part of the 10-11 million Texans that claim something would include people that are Buddhist, Muslim, Mormon, JW, etc. I don’t count a sincere Catholic as anything other than a brother in Christ; but there are a lot of people that claim something (even Baptist) that I dare say are possibly not saved.


  6. Wackypreacher Says:

    I too am excited about what is going on with Hope 2010. How about a link to getting the shirts? The web link provided doesn’t appear to offer that.
    Maybe the BGCT can unite around Hope 2010.

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