Opportunities in West Africa


It never ceases to amaze me what Texas Baptists are doing. Take Bob Bradsby for example.

Bob is a member of Calvary Baptist Church in Beaumont and president of Sage Industries International. A number of years ago his telecommunications business took him to Sierra Leone and Guinea. Bob now has a broader vision for these two countries. He is putting out a challenge for 100 churches to adopt villages in these two West African nations and building schools.

Because of his connections with the presidents and generals of Sierra Leone and Guinea, Bob said he can help churches get started. He also can introduce churches to the “paramount chiefs” in the various regions that must be part of any arrangement.

The basic approach Bob is suggesting is for a church to build a concrete block school building (no heating or air conditioning required), start a school and use the also as a church. It is, you can see, quite a commitment; but it also is a great opportunity for churches looking for specific villages in West Africa on which to have a significant impact for Christ.

Bob also has a desire to bring Christian businessmen and professionals to West Africa. For example, 5,000 doctors are needed in each country.

These countries are predominantly Muslem, but Bob said there is a growing openness to Christianity. If you would like more information, contact Bob at “robertbradsby@yahoo.com.”

2 Responses to “Opportunities in West Africa”

  1. Ken Wamae Says:

    My name is Ken and am a born again Christian and a financial consultant. Just wanted to find out if you know of anyone among your connections who would be interested to partner with persons of integrity in Kenya for viable businesses that are tremendous here in Kenya. We currently have clients with wonderful business ideas but need people to partner with to actualize their visions. I believe you will not be disappointed

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