Six ways to pray


I just left a breakfast meeting in Beaumont, and Danny Gilliam talked about a six-pronged approach to prayer at McDonald Memorial Baptist Church in Orange, where he is pastor.

They have a “strategic prayer focus.” They ask every member to pray for six things.

1) Ukraine (global)

2) San Diego (national)

3) Rio Grand Valley (state)

4) City and region (people, churches, city and school leaders)

5) A street (each person “adopts” a street for which to pray)

6) A non-believer (each person prays for one lost person)

During each Sunday’s worship service, a person shares about one of those six efforts, and that sharing rotates so that, for instance, Ukraine gets talking about every sixth Sunday.

While the prayer is critical, Danny said they’re not stopping there. They’re now pushing “let’s become part of the answer to our prayer.”

A Ukraine trip is planned for September to explore working with an International Mission Board missionary. They’re also trying to plan a San Diego trip with the prospect of participating in the North American Mission Board’s Vision San Diego effort. Both of these trips will be “vision trips” to establish relationships and to develop means for an ongoing relationship.

This is such a great, practical approach. It could be duplicated in any church in Texas. Thanks Danny and McDonald Memorial for doing missions with a biblical approach that takes into account the missions challenge and home and beyond.

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