Josue from Venezuela


Josue sent this report on Saturday. Sorry for the delay. It got lost in my inbox.

The story today is about a national leader who is making a difference in her community as well as in the Baptist work in Venezuela. Her name is Beatriz Alcala and she is a pastor, seminary professor at the Baptist Theological Seminary in Venezuela and a member of the Executive Board of the National Baptist Convention of Venezuela. She is currently teaching Old Testament Theology and Hebrew. Also, she is finishing her Master in Theology. She is passionate about teaching and missions but her calling is to the pastorate. Beatriz is the pastor at Iglesia Bautista Dios es Amor. 

She has been in this church as a member for seven years. Beatriz has been on the pastoral staff for three of those years as associate pastor and senior pastor. Beatriz has a vision for church planting and social ministries. Currently, Iglesia Bautista Dios es Amor is very involved in church planting and mission work in a region of Venezuela called the Amazon. Some of the church plans include to move to a more central location in order to reach a larger number of people in their part of Caracas. 

They are structured through cell groups for evangelism and discipleship. They also use Sunday School to assimilate people into their church. Beatriz states that the Lord called her to pastor Iglesia Bautista Dios es Amor, ¨God calls men and women to the ministry and He empowers them through spiritual gifts. This has nothing to do with a person´s gender or legal status (single or married). My authority as a pastor comes from the Lord and is directly related to my response of obedience to Christ.¨ Beatriz wants to encourage BGCT churches to partner with churches like Iglesia Bautista Dios es Amor in Caracas in reaching the lost in this great city and country through sports clinics, personal evangelism, music, mime, agriculture projects, family conferences, and conferences designed for young people in Venezuela. 

Let us pray for Beatriz and Iglesia Bautista Dios es Amor and seek the Lord´s leadership to help our brothers and sisters in Venezuela in the fulfillment of the Great Commision.

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One Response to “Josue from Venezuela”

  1. Dan Irvin Says:

    Josue, I would like to get a free Christian childrens teaching aid to Beatriz called God’s Lamb made by Leona Sadler. It is already in 22 languages and is making its way around the world. She is a personal friend of mine. I am an Elder in the First Presbyterian Church in Ripley, Tenn. I am hoping to get the aid into Latin America. I have gone back to school and studing intelligence analysis and am studying Venezuela for my class project. I see that Chavez has invited Islam in through Ahmedinejad/Hezebollah. I hope that the Christians there do not give in to Islam and can stay strong in the faith. Thank you for any help or refrences any where in S. & Central America. There is no charge for the book and you can use it to raise funds with as long as it is for the Church. Totally free. God Bless. Dan

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