The future of Venezuela Christianity


Josue shared this from Venezuela this afternoon. Please continue to pray for the team. For mission opportunities in Venezuela, contact Steve Seaberry at 888-244-9400.

Today it has been a good day. However, about noon it started raining in Caracas and tonight is the first night of the evangelistic crusade. So we are praying for a good turn out in spite of the rain. 

Here’s a couple of stories of Baptist young people in Venezuela who are living out their faith in a committed and powerful way. Their names are Maribela Gil (20 years of age) and Yusbely Gallardo (28 years of age). Both of them came to help with thie evangelistic effort in Caracas from San Felipe. Their city is about five hours from Caracas. They are members of Primera Iglesia Bautista in San Felipe. Their church has a membership of about 60 and an attendance of over 100 people. They love their church and told me that even though it is a small church every member is personally involved in some type of ministry.

Marielba and Yusbely are the only committed Christians in their nuclear families. Some of the ways they are living out their faith includes a soup kitchen ministry. They serve in a soup kitchen every week ministering to the homeless. Yusbely shares that she loves serving and ministering to people who live in the streets. They are also involved in jail ministries. Marielba volunteers at a juvenile detention center evey week and Yusbely at an adult prison. They are very aware of the Lord’s protetion every time they go to minister in jail because they have often found themselves in very dangerous circumstances. 

Another ministry they have started is to young people who live alternative lifestyles in the plazas of their town. They have been ministering to this group of people and have seen God at work in different ways. They concentrate in building relationships with this group of people believing that God works through relationships. One of the young persons that has been reached through this ministry is Alexandra who is a young mother and has made a commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ. Both Marielba and Yusbely are very grateful to the Lord for every opportunity to minister to those who do not know Him. 

They are also very involved through their church. Both of them teach SS and are involved in discipling new believers. Marielba plays guitar and Yusbely leads worship during the regular church service. Yusbely also preaches and teaches during the midweek church service. Marielba and Yusbely are college students who are daily living out their faith in their communities, their country, and their church.  During this week in the capital of their country, they have been sharing the good news and leading people to Christ every day. 

I have learned a lot from people like them who came to be a part of this evangelistic effort in Caracas.

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2 Responses to “The future of Venezuela Christianity”

  1. Venezuela » The future of Venezuela Christianity Says:

    […] The future of Venezuela ChristianityHere’sa couple of stories of Baptist young people in Venezuela who are living out their faith in a committed and powerful way. Their names are Maribela Gil (20 years of age) and Yusbely Gallardo (28 years of age). … […]

  2. Dario Castiblanco Says:

    Thanks so much for being there to see to my spritual nourishiments for people like me at this trying moment of my life when i needed it most.I am a Colombian serving a short jail term in Africa pending when my case will be called up in the court any moment from now.

    I must here ,hasten to confess that my case is a little complicated because of my alleged involvement in a not too legal international trade,but i believe in what the bible says through the mouthpiece of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ;that if only we can confess the lord Jesus with our mouths and confess also our sins to one another and believe in our hearts that they are forgiven ,while also forgiving our neighbours,that our sins will be forgiven no matter how scarlet-like they may appear.

    So i want you to pray for me and when this evil wind of incarceration blows past me i will not fail to sow a seed of appreciation in your Ministry.The name of your Ministry alone reminds me of what a freeman i was indeed before this time and gives me some strange feeling of faith that if you pray for me, i could actually regain not only my physical freedom,but spiritual freedom indeed.

    I have seen the daily bible programme on your website and will follow it up and hope that you will not look unto the degree of me unrighteousness and pray for my freedom.
    Thanks and God Bless your Ministry in Jesus name Amen.

    Dario Castiblanco

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