A single mother, a divine appointment


BGCT Missions Team Lead Josue Valerio shares this story from Venezuela, where he’s participating in the second wave of an evangelistic crusade there.

We met a 21-yeare-old single mother named of Kareli Gomez. She is majoring in computer science and has a 4-year-old girl. She lives near the university. Marielba and I went to meet people at the college campus and noticed that Kareli and a friend were looking through a small book that looked like the Bible. 

We approached them and asked them if we could share a pamphlet with them. Their response was positive, so we gave them an invitation to the evangelistic event and a couple of pamphlets. We finished talking with them and proceeded to talk with other students who were sitting next to them. When Marielba was presenting the gospel to the other students, Kareli asked me who we were and what group we represented. 

At that time, I asked her a couple of questions concerning her relationship to God. She told me that even though she believed in God she was not sure she had a personal relationship with Him. I read from John 1:12 and John 14:1-6 and asked her some questions about these scriptures. We talked about what it meant for Christ to be the way, the truth, and the life in her situation as a single young mother and a college student. 

She told me that she was not sure where she would spend eternity. I asked her if she wanted to have this assurance in her life and her response was “of course.” So, we led her in a prayer of faith asking the Lord to become her Savior and Lord, to lead her life and to bless her child. We celebrated with her this decision.  Without a doubt, the Lord had already prepared Kareli and this morning Marielba and I were led by the Spirit to share the good news with this beautiful person. All we can say is Praise the Lord. 

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