Thoughts on Randel


Randel Everett is travelling across the state, meeting and engaging Texas Baptists. I haven’t been to all of the meetings, but I’ve heard Texas Baptists are welcoming him. He’s sharing his heart and he’s listening to what Texas Baptists say. He’s had some tough questions, but he’s answered them in a straight-forward manner.

Ken Coffee’s given his thoughts on Randel here. Rick Davis temporarily lifted his moratorium on commenting on Randel’s tenure to share his thoughts. Positive all around.

As you think about the Randel, I ask that you pray for him and the task that is before him. Maybe even drop him an e-mail.


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2 Responses to “Thoughts on Randel”

  1. davrick Says:

    Well, of course, my moratorium was actually on negative commentary. I guess some missed that in the translation from Texan into English. I asked other bloggers to pray and make only positive comments for at least six months, while acknowledging this is barely time to get a good start.

    My fear in making comments at all, now, is that some may think this is permission to make the new administration fair game in the blogosphere or, worse, on the baptist grapevine.

    The fellow seems to be doing a hard job well, for a start. That is all I am saying.

  2. wackypreacher Says:

    I had the honor of meeting Dr. Everett at the Bi-vocational, smaller member church conference in Big Spring and was impressed by him. He is trying real hard to get all over the state and meet with as many people as possible. He will obviously not be able to please everyone. But right now he is saying and doing the right things.
    He deserves our heartfelt prayers. He is in a difficult situation and may step into some muck as time goes on. He is human and will fail us eventually. Because of the frailty of humans, Dr. Everett rightly deserves our support and prayers. keep up the good work Brother.
    Bob Cheatheam

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