A radical way of loving someone else


I don’t want to take too much attention away from Josue’s reports from Venezuela. He’ll share more great stories throughout Thursday.

But there’s a good discussion going on in another post about whether churches are doing enough in ministering to the poor. Including a story shared in a comment tonight that deserves its own post.

Sharon shares this story. I won’t forget it any time soon.

This is an email I received the other day. It’s a couple of young adults looking for ways to love people:

Friday night we fed 12-15 homeless at the library downtown. After we ate we set up a projector on a big screen and watched looney tunes and shrek 3 (their request). A couple of the homeless men invited my friend Wade and I to spend the night on the side walk of the library with them one night. So we camped out, it was a humbling experience. Saturday night we had a big cookout at a low income trailer park where we have been loving and serving people for a couple of months. 40-50 showed up, probably 20 were kids under the age of 5. A couple of our guys had a great time playing soccer with them. It was probably the best meal they had eaten in 2 weeks. 50 hamburgers, 40 chicken legs, 20 hotdogs, potatoe salad, guacomole, and desserts. We ran out of food. We got word of another trailer park on north side of town where homeless live in abandoned trailer, pray for God to open doors. We are also looking into buying a trailer in Acacia, the park we already do ministry at, to get some of the homeless off the street. Be praying for that door to open also. Love you guys. God’s crazy, can’t wait to see what he does next.

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