BGCT websites down this weekend


All BGCT websites will be down late Friday evening through Saturday morning due to scheduled maintenance with our internet provider.

(This does not include the We are Texas Baptists blog.)

5 Responses to “BGCT websites down this weekend”

  1. davrick Says:


    This may actually be a good thing and probably should be continued indefinitely.

    Humor Alert: See Above. Just a joke.


  2. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Just promise us it is not being reorganized!

    Hunter S. Thompson

  3. Andy Says:

    Sensei, who is Hunter S. Thompson?

  4. spiritualsamurai Says:

    He is an old iconoclastic writer who lived a alcohol soaked, drug dazed life but understand the insanity of American corporate culture. He was often characterized as a conspiracy nut in the comic Doonesbury.

  5. Andy Says:

    Thanks for the enlightenment! (been a while since I thought about Doonsbury…)

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