Christian teens embracing harder music


The Christian Post, citing an unscientific survey, is reporting that Christian teens are getting into “harder rock music.” 

Here’s why a magazine editor believes the trend is taking place:

“I think it comes from mainstream culture. Harder rock appeals to younger kids, whether it helps get out the feeling or emotion…I’m not sure what it is,” he shared, adding that what was once considered rock is now considered Pop music.

And lastly, the magazine’s managing editor believes the iPod culture has allowed teens to access a variety of musical genres instead of only hearing songs selected by radio stations.

“Christian music is more diverse than it’s ever been,” Hertz added.

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2 Responses to “Christian teens embracing harder music”

  1. graceshaker Says:

    this isnt news. its been going on since petra.

  2. Larry Floyd Says:

    Having ministered to teens for many years, the bands are just flat out better than they used to be. Remember when “comsuming fire” by Third Day came out? Teens were worshipping (eyes closed, hands in the air) to that song. They started a whole rage on worship albums by Christian rock bands who would have otherwise never recorded one. I think it is a complement to the whole Christian teen movement to live out their faith through music. Teens do have say and they say it mainly through music, as these bands understand. Skillet is a band that has been around for years. They just know how to minister to teens in general, not just Christian teens either. Many teens (Christian or not) like POD, Skillet, DC Talk, Gospel Gangstas, Disciple, just to name a few. These bands are actully good, no offense to Petra. Petra just didn’t have any competition in the Christian rock world.

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