Human trafficking blog


A while back I wrote a story on human trafficking, which included quotes from a leader of the Not For Sale campaign. The effort specifically has sought to engage churches in fighting human trafficking.

April 2, the Not For Sale Campaign launched a blog. For those interested in more information on fighting human trafficking, the blog may be a good resource.


5 Responses to “Human trafficking blog”

  1. Isabella Says:

    Interesting discussion about human trafficking. Thanks for letting me know about the campaign!

    LIN is an organization that is also attempting to combat human trafficking. One of their programs is through empowerment of women in the culinary arts. Read about it at OneVietnam Network:

  2. eazywanderer Says:

    Thanks for the insight. Keep writing!

  3. millersa Says:

    John, I’m looking for your story on human trafficking…where can I find it?

  4. brentmasonlive Says:

    Keep raising awareness about human trafficking.

  5. porntruth Says:

    Do you know the links between pornography and human trafficking? Check it out at

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