Congreso 2008 sermons now online


You may find links Cesar Oviedo’s and Jon Randles’ sermons along with a highlight video at

Congreso is composed of over 3,000 Hispanic Youth & Single adults. Its purpose is to inspire, encourage and educate Hispanic youth. Every year people from primarily Hispanic churches in Texas and beyond join their hearts together for three days of worship.

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6 Responses to “Congreso 2008 sermons now online”

  1. Angie Tello Says:

    Thank you for posting this, but please note that Cesar’s last name is Oviedo, not Ovieda.

  2. ashli Says:

    Thanks, Angie! I’ve updated it to the correct spelling.

  3. Frank Palos Says:

    The worship is complimented by mission projects. This year over 300 Hispanic students partnered with Bell Association Anglo congregations. Because we are family this iwas a joint effort with mutual blessings.
    A tribute to the volunteer youth/singles directors and students who labor all year raising the funds to be able to attend this unique event that is the largest gathering of Hispanic Baptist students in the nation.
    This year more than 200 decisions were recorded of which 48 were professions of faith and 114 rededications.
    To God be the glory. Great things He continues to do!

  4. Jon Randles Says:

    Thanks for posting about Congreso. The wonderful spirit of Congreso 2008 is worthy of celebration. The intensity for God among those young people was a reminder that there are many in the next generation who are serious about discipleship, missions, and evangelism. There is much more that needs to be done to reach our culture for Christ, but it is important to remember that many young people are serious about serving Jesus Christ!

    Thanks to Frank, Angie, and the many volunteers who lead Congreso! You did a great job, and God was glorified.

    No single method of evangelism and discipleship will reach our diverse culture. It will take a variety of methods, much prayer, and lots of energy for us to reach Texas for Christ! Let’s keep working together to get it done!

  5. Javier (Javi) Valdez Says:

    Thank you for making Congreso 2008 a “refreshing experience” for our kids of today. I received many positive comments on the Dating in the Youth Group seminar. As a matter of fact an anglo brother was in one of my seminars and he came up to me afterwards and asked if I would be interested in leading something similar for the South Carolina Baptist Convention for the summer of 2009.

    Both seminars were packed. Kids were standing and some ended up sitting on the floor. You could sense the excitement in the air with no clus whatsoever on what was coming up next. I shared how if we stick to God’s plan on dating and marriage that we’ll have a healthy homestyle. How the home is going to be built depends on how you will handle dating in the beginning of your relationships. No doublt that this subject was a “hit” this year. And would love to see it again next year (Dating, sex, relationships, abuse (physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, sexually,etc.))

    Again, well done thy good and faithful servants!!! lol
    Keep up the good work!!


  6. Gabriel Cortes Says:

    For years, Congreso has played a very important part on the development and spiritual growth of Hispanic Baptist leaders in our state. This will continue to be true for years to come.

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