Would you be a missionary to this apartment complex?


For some reason, I went back this morning and looked at the videos from Lindsay’s seed church planting ministry. I really liked the description of church presented in this piece. I think it’s what every church should be.

In a time where so many people want to talk about needing change this or that about church, maybe we should just stick to the basics.

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2 Responses to “Would you be a missionary to this apartment complex?”

  1. Debbie Mosley Says:

    There is a member of my church who does a ministry at an apartment complex in Mesquite.

  2. Jeff Parsons Says:

    It’s not just “apartment ministry” but church planting. I drove the apartment communities in our area during Easter services. It’s no stretch to say that 95% of the people were home on Easter morning. If that’s the case in Easter, how much more so the rest of the year?

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