Texas Our Texas :: Acts 1:8


The Committee on Convention Business, in agreement with the vision of BGCT president, Joy Fenner, selected Texas Our Texas: Acts 1:8 as the 2008 BGCT Annual Meeting theme. We look forward to celebrating this theme with you November 10-11 at the Forth Worth Convention Center.  You will find the most up to date information at www.bgct.org/annualmeeting.

18 Responses to “Texas Our Texas :: Acts 1:8”

  1. David Montoya Says:

    Our convention is losing churches, losing money, losing trust and the first official announcement by our historic woman president is that she picks the scripture for the Convention in November?

    What is next, the picking the color of stationary?

    Does anyone now doubt why so many (49+ per cent) voted for new leadership other than that offered by the Shadow Convention.

  2. Ferrell Says:

    I can assure you Joy has been hard at work as our president. The truth is that most of what a BGCT president does is behind the scenes and related to the Annual Meeting. One of the tasks generally handled by the president, though not called for in governance documents, is selecting the theme for the Annual Meeting. Joy involved a number of people in this decision this year, and we just finalized the artwork. We shared it on the blog so people could become acquainted with it.

  3. Pastor Says:

    I hate to sound flippant but you have to be kidding me that anyone spends huge amounts of time in “selecting a Scripture and a theme”. I would say just ask the Lord and He can usually give you an answer in no more than 24 hours.

    After that is done, then you can get busy taking care of issues that people actually care about in this convention.

  4. David Says:

    A couple of you guys seem ill-informed on this matter–and one of you isn’t Ferrell!

    Last year, I was on the convention committee responsible for planning the annual meeting of the BGCT–along with several other spiritually-minded, hard-working Texas Baptists. Much prayer took place (Pastor), and much consideration was given (Dave) to the needs of the messengers/churches who would attend (it helped that no one on the committee had an axe grind–though we asked lots of hard and unanswered questions upfront–so that we simply could get down to the business the committee was charged with; otherwise, the same committee might still be working on the same meeting’s plans now–how foolish). The entire process and the entire committee were extremely impressive–and all was well-done, as anyone would know if he participated in the 2007 annual meeting and paid attention to what he observed. Was the process or meeting perfect?–Is it during any year?–No more so than that of the congregations bloggers here represent.

    I am sure that this year’s Committee for Convention Business is very open to constructive input from all interested Texas Baptists (what nut enjoys destructive input?!).

  5. Pastor Says:

    I’m sure much attention was given to the messengers who were attending but it still doesn’t take a month of Sundays to pick out a Scripture and a theme. There are lots more important things that that and we all know it. Its not rocket science.

  6. David Says:


    I doubt seriously it always takes 1 solid month to choose a Scripture passage and theme. And the historic record is that it sometimes has taken 1 month, for whatever the reason. Is it rocket science? Not hardly. Do we have more important things to do than to find the mind of God on the matter of annual meetings and to set the tone for the entire meeting via its theme and scriptural basis? Again, not hardly.

    We all know lots of things–or at least blog as if we do! If ever we would all agree to function as a high-performance team (or its equivalent term) despite what we actually know or assume we do, think of all God could use us as Texas Baptists to do in the world! I am on-board for that and hope that you are, as well!

    Have a great Saturday–and super Sunday being “Pastor” among the Lord’s people.

  7. Pastor Says:

    I certainly never said “do we have more important things to do than to find the mind of God on the matter of annual meetings and to set the tone for the entire meeting via its theme and Scriptural basis.” I did say that it doesn’t take forever to find one verse–especially when there are a lot more pressing matters confronting the convention.

  8. David Says:


    I think that this thread’s initial reference to the BGCT’s 2008 annual meeting and its theme/scripture–and the president’s involvement in it–is a reference to the work of the Committee for Convention Business, which is charged with the responsibilities for that meeting/theme/scripture as I mentioned earlier. That committee has little work which is more important, though the convention as a whole certainly has much work more important to do on a day-to-day basis–and, even more importantly, as living Savior to become very much more like.

    Do you have an interest in helping the BGCT more directly carry out that important work? If so, Ferrell or the BGCT staff may be able to list convention committees which will have vacancies for which the Committee on Committees is seeking nominees now. It would be great to have a clear-headed, articulate Texas Baptist serving on any of those committees, helping to lead the way in the work you noted.

    Ferrell or staff: are you able to help with this? (With aid from the Committee on Committees, list committees which will have vacancies–though such a list published here may be out of the norm for the committee)

  9. David Says:

    By the way, the Committee for Convention Business began its work during (about) February of this year, along with the convention’s paid staff–and, by this time, its subcommittees would have met and/or dialoged several times about the responsibilities assigned to each. Though this normally takes place out of the sight of most Texas Baptists (as does the work of almost all of the BGCT’s committees), the committee takes the task–which is a huge one, as you can imagine–very seriously. We see the good results when we attend the annual meeting–basically, everything seen there is the result of the work of the Committee for Convention Business. Just an FYI in case folks don’t already know it.

  10. Andy Says:

    Folks! As Nacho Libre would say: “Take it easy!”

  11. Bob Cheatheam Says:

    Leave it to some to find fault with every little thing and thus stunt the movement of God’s spirit.
    Kinda like people who spend more time complaining about the temperature in church than they do just worshiping the Lord.
    “Seek first the kingdom of God….”

  12. ashli Says:

    You can read about the different committees and their work here. You can always find the link to this page on our About Us page on http://www.bgct.org.

    Use this form to recommend persons (including yourself) to serve on BGCT boards or committees. Please understand that your suggestions will be submitted to the appropriate Nominating Committee.

    If you have any questions, please call Debbie Moody at 888.244.9400 or email her at debbie.moody@bgct.org.

  13. David Says:


    Thanks for providing the info above–very helpful for ones wanting to go beyond concern to action as a part of the “team”!

  14. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Yes, thank you Ashli.

  15. David Says:


    Seriously and honestly: you should apply (or whatever the appropriate term is) to serve on the BGCT committee/s of your choice. I have done so, with the understanding that many other Texas Baptists also have done so ahead of me–so that my application/whatever may arrive low on the list and I may not be chosen for nomination. Still, I want to keep the message out there that “Hey! I’m available to help on the team! It’s my convention, too!”.

    Seriously, consider it, OK? It’d be cool to work together face-to-face and to know that we are (even if friendly disagreements arise). Thanks.

  16. Wesley Shotwell Says:

    FYI: I serve on the Committee on Convention Business. It took us about 10 minutes to agree on this theme after President Fenner suggested it. It did not take a month. I am not sure where that time frame originated. We have spent much more time putting together the program and the workshops.

  17. Rev. David Wersler Says:

    I don’t want to seem old fashioned, but what is a woman doing being the head of an association of Baptist churches? I have always been taught that Scripture says that the senior leadership in the church is to be held by males (pastors and deacons). If Scripture is our final authority, then your association is out of order!

  18. David Says:

    Rev. David:

    In case you happen back through this blogsite: it seems that Texas Baptists of the BGCT take the Holy Bible a bit more literally than your theology may permit you; the state-level convention with which our independent congregations voluntarily affiliate for missions/evangelism is not a church. Were the BGCT a church though, most folks blogging here–I suspect–would agree with you, as the Bible–and not our personal interpretations of it–indeed is the final authority.

    Our prayers are with you as you seek to lead your congregation, brother.

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