More Spring Break missions


This is my second year to be a little part of Beach Reach. It’s always a blast. The students are great. They have a lot of energy, a lot of passion for what they’re doing. And they have hearts that care for the people around them.

My favorite day at Beach Reach without a doubt is the last day when people are baptized in the Gulf. It’s a neat scene that draws people to Christ. When party-goers see people getting baptized, they are pulled toward it. Conversations begin and other people give their lives to Christ. It’s wonderful to see God working in those moments. I uploaded some of the shots from the baptisms to the Flickr stream today. You can view all the photos from Spring Break missions by clicking here. They can be seen as a slideshow here. As I get more photos from other places, I’ll upload those as well.

Here’s a video that’s meant to be a bit of an overview of what Beach Reach is. Katilin is a student at Texas Tech who is writing a story about Beach Reach for the BGCT web site. We’ll also send it over to the Baptist Standard for those folks to consider using.

[Side note: For those of you looking for the video we streamed yesterday during the lunch hour, it’s taking me a longer than I expected to get that ready to post. I may not get that up until Monday.]

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