Randles’ rambles


A suggestion has been suggested for a title change and seeing no other suggestions, I picked it as the new title for this. Jon Randles has been spending some of his days recently at First Baptist Church Grapevine, which has had a series of evangelistic events.

First the church held a Disciple Now weekend, which 210 youth attended. During the weekend, 15 young people professed Christ as Lord for the first time.

A few weeks later, the church held a four-day event that brought together four generations of people. Each night, the church provided a meal so people could go directly to the church without swinging by the house to eat. Despite a snow storm that week, people turned out. About 15 people were saved through that effort.

Most recently, the church held an awards banquet following it’s Upward Basketball season. During the presentation, the gospel was shared. 15 more people were saved there.

In all, the church held three events, which it prepared for well in advance to give members an opportunity to invest in relationships with non-Christians, and 45 people were added to the kingdom of Christ.

“By planning ahead, by focusing the entire church body on intentional relationship building, then they provided structured events where gifted people in evangelism could draw the net, they ended up getting 15 at the D-Now, 15 at the Upward Basketball event and 15 at the conference,” Randles noted.

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One Response to “Randles’ rambles”

  1. wackypreacher Says:

    Wow, I don’t know about others, but when I read Randles Rambles, I get inspired and encouraged to keep on keeping on. It is hard when we preach each and every Sunday and see little or no response. I know we Baptist like to see people “walk the aisle” and consider that a “response”. The reality is throughout the week, people are strengthening thier walk with Christ and sharing of His love. Lives are being tranformed each and every day. Jon keep up the great work!!!

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