facebook: join us!


to say that i am in to facebook would be a bit of an understatement. there’s always anticipation for me b/c i get to read about what my friends all over the world are doing, play Scrabulous with people i went to high school with, share vacation pictures and do some super poking.

through groups that i’ve joined on facebook, i’ve connected with people i used to work with at Camp Chaparral (one of our Texas Baptist camps), got back in touch with former high school and college classmates, and joined some to learn more about what people are doing in some social justice areas that i’m interested in.

the networking functions are amazing. my church has several groups on facebook…just ways for different groups of people to keep in touch.

so, all of that to say, if you are already on facebook, come join us! we started a group for the BGCT a month or so ago. just search “Baptist General Convention of Texas” and once you are on the group page, click “Join this Group” close to the right hand top side of the page. we ask that you leave a message on the wall, telling us who you are so the group can get to know each other and what’s going on across the state in Texas Baptist life. Please feel free to share photos from your church and ministries or start discussions.

if you’re not on facebook, think about it. i think it will amaze you.

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One Response to “facebook: join us!”

  1. Gemma Walsh Says:

    heya me names gemma im from tala hah

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