Vodcasting on faith, science and ethics


This year’s Christian Life Commission conference discusses faith, science and ethics, including issues like stem cell research, evolution, addiction and climate change. Leading thinkers from around the nation come together for this conference each year.

In an effort to further discussion about these issues, we’re going to provide a BGCT first: vodcasts — downloadable video files — of each of the sessions as well as some exclusive interviews of the speakers. The first three videos can be found on the BGCT web site by clicking here. We hope this gives an opportunity for people to further think about these issues that regularly come up in conversation these days. As we get the videos shot and edited, we’ll continue uploading them.

We hope you enjoy the videos, whether you watch them online, download them to your ipod or watch them another way. We hear those of you who have been asking for us to use technology to expand the audiences of our conferences. Hopefully this is a step in that direction. For those of you who have been calling for us to use more technology, I hope you’ll view at least one of the videos. Frankly, I want you to encourage all your friends to view the videos as well. In order to continue doing things like this, we need to know Texas Baptists in significant numbers want material this way. We want to use resources and time as effectively as possible. If folks seem to take to this, we’ll attempt to do more.

And we’ll look to tweak what we’re doing. After viewing the videos, we’d love to hear feedback. What do you like? What don’t you like? What would you like to see vodcasted? Would you prefer downloadable audio only? Everything is on the table.

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7 Responses to “Vodcasting on faith, science and ethics”

  1. Kenneth Jordan Says:

    YES!!! I am thrilled that y’all have done this. I hope I’m not the only one who will take advantage of this venue. PLEASE do this for the rest of BGCT events that you want a broader audience for. It’s a LOT cheaper to buy an iPod than to drive/fly to Dallas, Austin, SanAntonio, Houston…

  2. spiritualsamurai Says:

    Kenneth, we have been begging them to do this before the phone center. Kudo’s to the building for beginning to get this right!

  3. Ferrell Says:

    I was at the conference, and two messages really stood out — the ones by William Cope Moyers on addiction and David Gushee on climate change. Each is about an hour long, but they are well worth the time. The other messages are for those of you who are a bit more high-browed than me.

  4. Tim Dahl Says:

    Thanks guys! I really appreciate having the opportunity to see this.


  5. ashli Says:

    I’ve just updated the page with three more videos. We still have more coming for you, so please keep checking back!

  6. RexC Says:

    It’s rewarding to be a part of something that touches people like this. Please let us know how the messages impact you.

  7. Lee Says:


    Perhaps someday a convention could be vodcast, or podcast, and a relatively simple way of verifying messenger credentials along with it, and thousands of Texas Baptists could attend and participate by watching it on their i-pod or computer.

    This was great, I am so glad you did this.

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