The Austin American Statesman on Randel Everett


The afternoon after Randel Everett was elected executive director by the executive board, he visited with Eileen Flynn, who covers religion for the Austin American Statesman. She gives her first impressions of Randel on her Of Sacred and Secular blog, which provides some interesting stuff on a regular basis. And she seems to get more commentary from readers than other religious blogs connected to mainstream media outlets (even if they don’t always comment on the post they think they’re commenting on).

Among the things she writes about Randel:

Everett struck me as someone fiercely committed to helping folks in need, encouraging diversity in churches and open to new approaches to sharing the Gospel. His own son’s commitment to Jesus led him to start a coffee shop on San Antonio’s West Side. Jeremy and Amy Everett moved into a primarily Hispanic neighborhood and opened Guadalupe St. Coffee, a place that empowers the community, he said, with jobs, college prep programs, art exhibits and other initiatives. This is how Jesus reached people, Randel Everett said.

“Jesus met people where they were. … just right out in the streets. As he met their physical needs, he also met their spiritual needs as well. I think we’ve got the seed of the gospel but the soul of the good works. I think we’ve got to live out our Christian faith where people are. That’s in the city, out on the street, out on the ranch, down in the valley, at the capital.”

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