Catching up with Jon


So now we have a Jon Randles and a Randel Everett. Hm. Guess I need to come up with a new name for the Randles Report, which tries to keep with up Jon Randles’ movement around the state. For now, we’re going with “Catching up with Jon.” If someone will suggest a new name, I’ll strongly consider it.

This week’s report is actually a lot less Randles. He was at First Baptist Church in Kilgore this week and rather than Randles sharing what happened, I spoke with Pastor Eddie Hilburn. Eddie hadn’t had a revival-type meeting in a church he’s pastored in at least 5 years. FBC Kilgore hadn’t had a revival-type meeting in the last decade.

But they decided to have one — called Life Fest — this week. The church started planning for it a year ago. The members began talking about it. The pastor preached about reaching others. People volunteered to bring a certain number of people to the meetings. They fostered a culture where people expected God to move every Sunday in their church.

When the time came for the meeting, people came as well, including a significant number of non-Christians. They showed up to a Sunday night free steak dinner. They showed up to lunch meetings taylored for business people. They showed up to the nightly services.

In the end, about a dozen people made professions of faith. Some others made other spiritual decisions.

Eddie beamed as he spoke about the effort his congregation made to share their faith and invite their friends to the revival. God worked through his congregation, which now has several new connections to students on the campus of Kilgore Junior College through which the gospel can be spread. Eddie said he hopes the revival effort will happen again next year.

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2 Responses to “Catching up with Jon”

  1. Bob Cheatheam Says:

    I really appreciate the updates given of what is going on in evangelism in our great state. Jon, keep up the good work. It makes it easier to find motivation to do evangelism when we can read positive stories about evangelism.
    Too much of our church “growth” is really mostly transfer growth. That can be a good thing in some situations. But evangelism growth is what we are all called to be about. Jon, keep motivating us!!

  2. Stephanie Orr Says:

    If you’re still looking for a new name for Jon’s updates, I think “Randles’ Ramblings Across Texas” is a catchy name, or just “Randles Rambles.” I was blessed to hear him each week for 4 years at Texas Tech, and I will say, both are pretty accurate. 🙂

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